Organizational change starts with expanding our vocabulary

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Can We Change Things That We Can’t Name?

Imagine you go to a bar in which there is only one option on the menu: “drink”. How likely is it, that you’ll get what you’re looking for?

My favorite collection of pitfalls and traps from my journey as a practitioner, student, and teacher of NVC.

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NVC teaches me how to transform conflicts into moments of deep connection and empathy. It shows me the way to my aliveness. In the process of learning it, NVC also got me into trouble and dead ends. I misunderstood the ideas behind it, was unaware of its limitations, and mistook it for being a method, rather than a way of being. Here are the traps I’ve encountered:

Ignoring The Cultural Context and Power Dynamics

Talking openly about feelings and needs and showing my vulnerability can open the door to…

Agile coaches help organizations to thrive in a complex and ever-changing reality. That’s easier said than done. Here’s how to get it wrong.

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Inspired by Patrick Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a team, here are 5 agile coaching anti-patterns and how to overcome them.

Agile Heroism: Becoming a Bottleneck

As coaches, we’re there to enable others. The opposite of enabling others is making yourself “important”. That’s very tempting because like anyone else, coaches enjoy the appreciation of others. Are you running fancy retrospectives with impressive flip chart visualizations? You just taught your team that retros can only be run by a specialist.

Don’t just “do” Design Thinking & ideation workshops. Creative teams succeed by having a Co-Creative Mindset.

Collaborators standing in front of a colorful building
Collaborators standing in front of a colorful building
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Innovation frameworks such as Design Thinking and Design Sprints are more than just a set of tools. The “juice” behind them is what I call a Co-Creative Mindset. This mindset really makes a difference. Especially if you want to succeed in creative collaboration and group problem-solving. Much of it is actually already hard-coded into the frameworks we all use and love. Still, it often gets forgotten.

What is a Co-Creative Mindset?

Here are the 5 traits of the Co-Creative Mindset for successful creative collaboration. …

Giving feedback can be an empowering way for you to connect with others by showing you care about their growth. And it can bring depth, trust, and authenticity into your relationships and collaboration. The approach I’ll share here works both with friends, loved ones and with colleagues at work.

How To Give Valuable Feedback

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Only Give Feedback If You’re on Their Side

Aggression masked as feedback is not going to get you far. Neither will using feedback to position yourself higher than the other person or proving you’re smart. In my opinion, there is only one motivation that is suitable for giving feedback: caring about the other person and their growth. Without this…

Ido Sternberg

Agile Coach, NVC enthusiast

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